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Ken Shelton

CA Contractors Lic # 950499
Proud Member of The United Pool
Association, Route Chairman

Service Areas:
Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Sunset Beach,
Newport Beach, Westminster, Costa Mesa, and Fountain Valley



Weekly POOL/SPA Service Includes

  • Net floating debris
  • Empty skimmer and pump strainer baskets
  • Vacuum
  • Scour tiles at water line
  • Brush Walls, Steps, Lights and Skimmers
  • Check and Balance Chemicals
  • Inspect Equipment

Bi-Weekly SPA Service Includes

  • Net floating debris
  • Empty skimmer and pump strainer baskets
  • Vacuum
  • Scour tiles at water line
  • Brush Walls, Steps, Lights and Skimmers
  • Check and Balance Chemicals
  • Inspect Equipment

Routine Maintenance Billed Separately

  • Conditioner (Billed in the Fall)
    Conditioner is added throughout the year but is billed once per year in the fall. This vital chemical is used to maintain the overall chemical balance in your pool/spa.
  • Algaecide (Billed in the Spring)
    Algaecide is added throughout the year as needed and is billed once per year in the spring. This is to help kill algae before it forms which is essential to the health of your pool/spa.
  • Filter Cleaning (Billed in Summer and Winter)
    Filter cleanings are provided twice per year and are necessary for the overall longevity and performance of your equipment. Filters are dissembled, sanitized and inspected in the Summer and Winter.

Weekly Pool/Spa CHEMICAL ONLY Service

  • Check and balance pool and spa chemicals
  • Empty Skimmer and Pump Strainer Baskets
  • Inspect Equipment
*It is the homeowners responsibility to maintain
algaecide, conditioner and filter cleanings.

Additional Services Available on Request

  • Acid Wash
    Acid Washing is done by emptying the pool and spraying it with a small, diluted amount of special acid. This acid will remove a thin layer of pool plaster and the mineral buildup that is coating the top of the plaster to reveal a bright, new layer of plaster underneath.
  • Tile Cleaning
    Professional swimming pool and spa tile cleaning and repair. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our specialized tile experts have over 20 years experience!
  • Solar Heating Systems
    Solar pool heating systems are the best investment a pool owner can make. Whether for relaxation or recreation, a comfortable pool is a great gathering place for family and friends. A solar pool heating system can effectively double the length of your pool seasons, make your pool more warm & comfortable, and drastically reduce or eliminate pool-heating costs.
  • Mastcic (Deck-O Seal)
    Mastic is the material found between the coping and the deck of your pool. The purpose of mastic is to prevent water from getting under your pool deck and causing damage. When mastic becomes hard or brittle or cracks and separates, it is time to replace. It is recommend that you replace your mastic at least once every seven years. Mastic is available in a wide variety of colors and can be matched to almost any deck. Our installers have proudly served the OC area for over 30 years!
  • Re-plastering
    Sheltons Pool and Spa proudly uses OCs replastering specialists! Serving All Of Orange County for over 25 years. Highest Quality Materials & Workmanship, Referrals - Full Liability, Insurance - Bonded, State Licensed.
  • Equipment Repair or Replace
    Specializing in Pentair & Hayward. Refurbished equipment is also available. We can replace or repair your filter, pump, heater, salt system, or pool cleaner. We also do leak detection, upgrade or repair automated pool systems, replace pool and spa lights, and install automatic water levelers. Whatever your equipment needs may be, we are here to help get the job done quickly and accurately!
  • Drain and Change Pool Water
    About every five years it is recommended that your pool water be changed out for new water. Replacing your pool water will ensure that the properties of your water are replenished so that the necessary chemicals are able to react with the water properly. The main benefit of changing your water is to keep your water sanitized and safe to swim in.
  • Drain and Change Spa Water
    Depending on how often you use your spa, it is recommended that you change your water frequently. For heavily used spas, water should be changed every six months. Spas that are used periodically should be drained and have fresh water added about once per year. Do you fall somewhere in between and arent sure when to change your water? Call us and we will do a complete water analysis free of charge!
  • New Pool/Spa Start Up
    All new pools and spas, or pools and spas that have been re-plastered, require a Start-up of fresh water, acid, conditioner, calcium, stain prevention treatment, a filter cleaning, a thorough brushing to remove the excess plaster dust, and a special type of vacuuming for several weeks to ensure that the plaster is set correctly and is able to cure properly. Over the course of about a month, we will come in a series of visits to provide this service.
  • Filter Cleaning
    Swimming pool filters help to clean and sanitize pool and spa water properly by filtering out particles of dirt and debris. It is recommended that filters are taken apart, sanitized and inspected at least twice per year. Arent sure when the last time your filter was cleaned or what condition it is in? Call us to schedule a free inspection.
  • Pool/Spa Inspections and Equipment Orientation
    A swimming pool/spa inspection can identify the current condition of your pool/spa and its equipment. Included in an inspection is a written estimate for any repairs needed. Sheltons Pool and Spa Service can also provide a general orientation, including: training on the use of automation systems or directions on how to maintain and operate your swimming pool and spa equipment. Sheltons Pool and Spa Service is here to help.
  • Service Calls
    Equipment down? Have company coming over and need an extra cleaning? Whatever you needs may be, we can get your pool or spa in top running order without delay.

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